1. Do when you’re actually ready.

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Sex should be fun for both the partners in a relationship, and if you’re confuzzling about this bizarre episode, stop right here. You don’t have to do it just because all your friends are doing it, or your partner is very nice to you. Give time and wait for the right time. Just don’t give your virginity to anyone. Wait for the right person to come into your life. And, believe me, the bell will definitely ring. Until then enjoy yourself.

2. Not everyone bleeds.

Yes, not everyone bleeds for the first time.It is very normal not to bleed, some women don’t notice any bleeding at all whereas some bleed a lot. Tearing of hymenal tissue causes bleeding, which may differ from woman to woman, which is basically inside the vagina.

3. Yeah, some guys would fake their love for that.

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Before you gift your virginity to someone, be sure about his intentions. While you are occupied with his warm thoughts, he might just want to get into your pants. So, trust people vigilantly.

4. You might not orgasm every time.

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We are not like guys. We don’t orgasm all the time because it takes a lot of time as compared to guys.

5. Stay protected.


Always use a condom to avoid pregnancy or STDs, yes you never know your partner’s history. As you know PREVENTION IS BETTER THAN  CURE.

6. Porn is not real.

Fact is Porn isn’t  real. You heard me right, it is quite impossible for most people to try out those bizarre acrobatic positions. Besides porn is mainly based on fantasy and may affect your relationships and how you perceive sex negatively as well.

7. Your body undergoes some changes.

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Before you submerge yourself you need to know that your body might undergo some changes. Your breasts might get more firm and hips more rounded.

8. Foreplay is a necessity, not just fantasy.

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Foreplay is very important not just because it would please both of you but would even help to ease the whole situation. Lubrication is necessary for a painless experience.

9. Personal hygiene is very important.

To avoid UTI (Urinary Tract Infection) you must wash your private areas after sex.

10. Don’t discuss your sex life with everyone.

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Not everyone is going to understand your feelings and emotions. So, it’s better to share your cherished experience with people very close to you.

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So guys have fun.

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