This Valentine’s Day is a perfect time to contemplate your marriage and romantic relationship. As with everything, marriages too entail a lot of responsibilities. In this fast-paced world, with loads of work and stress, gradually the scenario changes, the love wanes. So, this Valentine’s day you could do something exciting which could foster your love relationship. And once again you could relive those beautiful courtship days.

Here are 7 Valentine resolutions to strengthen your bond.

1. Complement each other more often.

Because we love appreciation.

Appreciate what you have, where you are and with whom you are at this moment!!!!! Start praising your partner more often for the little efforts which they make on a regular basis just for you. Not only that, you could even start praising them for how hard and dedicated they are in their careers and how beautifully they are able to manage both their personal and professional lives. This will motivate both of you. And guess what, the less criticism, the less retaliation, which makes a result in a  blissful relationship.

2. Switch off that phone and be present in the moment with each other.

because we know what our priorities are

It is very tough for our generation to let go off our phones and gadgets, but to be more real we need to take a technology break. Lie by your partner and stop scrolling your newsfeed and texting your virtual world friends. Rather, maximize your quality time by starting some engaging conversation, tap into their lives, ask them about work or their health, you never know, they might be going through a tough time and might need some warmth and cuddle.  Enjoy these intimate moments and be grateful for each other’s company. You would probably realize that there was so much you were missing out on, all these years.


3. Committing to small changes in our behavior.

We love doing our chores together

At the beginning of the relationship when everything was new and exciting, you used to get entangled with each other and have lots of fun. But, as you get into the comfort zone, things change and the fun tends to fade away. So this resolution is to ignite the spark again by committing to very small changes like texting at least for 5 mins during the day while you are at your work, nothing fancy, a simple ‘I am missing you’ is enough. Or both of you can cook together on weekends. Or it can even be like giving some digital space to your partner and by not looking at their personal texts.


4. Surprises, Surprises, yes we will surprise each other more often.

because we love those surprises

All these years of staying together tend to make us take our partners for granted and we slowly lose that attachment which used to be so strong  You need to start giving surprises to your better half. After all who on this earth doesn’t like surprises, yes we all do love surprises, we feel so special. So you could try with chocolates and flowers, or you can cook them their favorite dishes. A dinner date at your own dining table!!!!!!! You would start to rediscover your love.


5. Dinner dates are new love this year.

There is nothing better than dating you

There are many couples who don’t even try to spice up their relationship. They are so reluctant to get out of their bedrooms and have some adventure. But, you need to be creative enough to hang out with your partner and give them and you a good time. Go out for dinner dates or sometimes you might even try less expensive things like walking along the river bank, hand in hand, or just watching the sunset together. I am sure those cool breezes would rejuvenate your relationship.


6. The goal is not to win arguments, but each other.

We would prefer listening to each other because we can’t live without each other

You did never want your relationship to be toxic and negative, but there are times when small arguments turn into a big fight. Ever thought why? That is because of the tone, yes you heard me right, you need to watch your tone while you are talking to your partner. Stop passing those snippy comments and pointing out fingers every time. Criticism leads a person to retaliate more and this worsens up things. Be smarter, listen to your partner more and try to find out the root of the conflicts. Be less defensive and discuss the problems which are bothering your partner.


7. Now, the last and most important spice we need to add is being a little experimental in bed.

There is an ocean inside me.
Put your ears against my chest and listen,
It rages for you.

So you may be wondering that how to keep that spark and romance alive. The most important of all is to build a strong emotional intimacy. Start sharing your likes and dislikes, spend more quality time. Try some new sexy stuff. Sex need not be more spontaneous but needs to be more qualitative. Start going to the gym together and regain the fitness you used to have at the beginning of your relationship. Trying new stuff together will help you rekindle your relationship.


Although no relationship is perfect, still these are few ways to rediscover your love. I hope you like it.

Source of images: Pexels

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Until then,

Lots of love

Sweta Sharan




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