Weverse is for the women who love their man and for the men who adore their women. Weverse is where you rediscover your love; live, breathe and feel it grow. An evening by the river bank or on the seashore, the scene of the setting sun and melting into the arms of your lover is what we believe is where two bodies blend into one soul. Call us old fashioned but we believe that true relationships are the not the result of Facebook posts and Whatsapp texts. It is not about the video calls. It’s about the feeling you get while looking into each other’s eyes, the world seems to stop and you seem to be gazing into each other’s hearts. But moments like these are becoming increasingly rare because of our hectic and busy lives and whatever little time one is able to manage is robbed by technology as it has pervaded our every sense. Weverse is a feeling, a faith in romance and love, a faith in togetherness.